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Language level system for learning online

with reference to the Common European Frame of Reference (CEF)

In order for your German language course to be a success, it is vital that you receive instruction appropriate to your level. For this reason, a detailed evaluation and correct course placement are a real priority for us.

We offer online language courses for all levels according to the Common European Frame of Reference (CEF). This is a recognised system which plays an important role in guaranteeing the quality of the course.

Our recommendations for online-learners: In contrast to on-site teaching, online language courses are most appropriate for learners from level A1.2 upwards. We would recommend that complete beginners (level A1.1) take an on-site course first. If you are a beginner but would still like to learn online, please contact us. If you feel this is really the only option for you, online teaching can still be arranged. After reaching a basic level of competence (level B1.2+) the language program can be tailored towards individual or work-related requirements.

Before you begin your course, let us know by email which areas you would like your course to focus on. You will also receive a detailed placement test. The online instructor will then prepare your first lesson based on the results of this test, together with your own wishes and requirements.


Below you will find a table describing the different levels according to the Common European Frame of Reference:

Level description

Excellent or nearly native speaker knowledge of German:
You are able to put into practice and present all complex aspects of the work environment without any difficulty. [ more details ]


Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS)

Zertifikat C2
approx. 120 lessons 1-to-1


Very good knowledge of German:
You are able to create detailed presentations and reports. [ more details ]


- Zertifikat C1
- TestDaF - Uni access exam
- DSH - Uni access exam
- Prüfung für Wirtschafts-deutsch International
approx. 100 lessons 1-to-1


Good knowledge of German:
You are able to edit and convey extensive information. [ more details ]

- Zertifikat B2
- Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (ZdfB)
approx. 80 lessons 1-to-1
        Relatively good knowledge of German:
You are able to process standard information from the working environment. [ more details ]
Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD)
approx. 80 lessons 1-to-1

Basic knowledge of German:
You are able to understand and complete simple information and create short texts. [ more details ]

Start Deutsch 2 (SD2)
approx. 80 lessons 1-to-1

        No or very little knowledge of German:
You are able to give, understand and complete information using simple linguistic structures. [ more details ]
Start Deutsch 1 (SD1)
approx. 80 lessons 1-to-1

All levels correspond to the Common European Framework of the European Councilexternal link language levels for the study of languages.

Students taking our individual online courses usually require only around 100 teaching hours to reach the next level, whereas the average student taking group instruction requires around 140 hours. The intensive learning experience offered by individual instruction therefore saves you around 20% of course time.

Description of levels — from beginner stage to advanced stage:

  • Level A1: On completion of this level you will be able to ...

    ... understand and use everyday expressions and simple sentences,
    ... introduce yourself and others, ask everyday questions and answer them — e.g. where you come from, where you live, the people you know, or the things you own,
    ... communicate in a simple way, if the persons you are talking to, speak slowly and clearly and are prepared to help you.

  • Level A2: On completion of this level you will be able to ...
  • ... understand and use frequently used expressions concerning all areas of everyday life, e.g. you are able to give information about yourself and your family, go shopping, describe your work and close environment,
    ... communicate in simple routine situations during which you have to directly exchange information on familiar subjects.
    ... describe with the aid of simple means your own background and education and your immediate environment and needs.

  • Level B1: On completion of this level you will be able to ...
  • ... understand the main issues if standard language is used clearly and if the conversation is about familiar aspects of work, school, leisure etc., you can manage most situations while travelling in a German-speaking country,
    ... give your opinion on familiar subjects and personal interest in a simple and coherent way,
    ... relate experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and goals and give short explanations regarding plans and opinions.
  • Level B2: On completion of this level you will be able to ...
  • ... understand the main contents of complex texts on specific or abstract subjects and specialist discussions in your own field of knowledge
    ... communicate so spontaneously and fluently that a normal conversation with native speakers is possible without great effort on both sides,
    ... express yourself on a broad range of topics in a clear and precise way, explain your point of view on a current issue and enumerate advantages and disadvantages of several possibilities.

  • Level C1: On completion of this level you will be able to ...
  • ... understand a broad range of sophisticated longer texts and also acknowledge implied meanings,
    ... express yourself spontaneously and fluently without having to obviously grope for words,
    ... use the language effectively and in a flexible way in your social and professional life or in training and studies,
    ... express yourself clearly, extensively and in a structured manner on complex subjects and use several means of combining text in an adequate manner.

  • Level C2: On completion of this level you will be able to ...
  • ... understand practically everything that you read and hear without any effort
    ... summarize information from different written and oral sources and give explanations on it in a coherent way,
    ... express yourself very spontaneously, very fluently and precisely and be able to express the subtleties required by complex subjects.

Deutschzertifikat erhalten

If you want to test your German before coming to Bamberg, you can take our free German online testexternal link language test for beginners (Level A1-A2). Within a few minutes you will receive an email containing the test result.

During intensive courses in Bamberg, 90 minute tests take place every fortnight. This way you can check on your learning process and our teachers can advise you correspondingly.

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