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Online language course for travel preparation

Language skills enrich your business and social life

The best way to widen their knowledge of foreign languages is to travel in the country where your target language is spoken. Many thousands of people each year combine that way a holiday with further education.

As these trips often take only 1-2 weeks, it becomes increasingly popular to take some hours of online lessons with a language teacher. Would that be something for you? The best way to try it out in 2 test hours with a private tutor via Skype

Do you also know the feeling: the holidays are planned, the anticipation is extremely eager, but the weeks until departure just do not want to pass?
Our tip: Shorten the time by preparing yourself in the target language for your holiday destination.

To start, you can use textbooks, apps and CD's. This will help you to practice useful keywords and phrases. Also video sequences, e.g. from Yabla.com, are quite amusing, entertaining and helpful.
However, if you want to get really active with the language, it's unbeatable to take a lesson with a professional online teacher in a 1-to-1 class. Because of the this individual lesson no inhibition will arise during the communication in the foreign language.

You can decide about the topics to learn or you can arrange with the teacher. The following topics are often preferred for specific travel preparation:

  • arriving: airport, customs, car, taxi, hotel
  • introduce yourself
  • stroll around the market
  • in the restaurant
  • at the ticket counter
  • contact with local culture: rules, special features, phrases
  • meet local people
  • for the case of emergency: at the doctor's office and at the pharmacy

For sure, there are a thousand topics that can be used to discover a new environment. Get in touch and look forward to interesting encounters.

Getting Started: It's best to try it out with 2 test hours at a reduced price. Select the "Starter-Paket" in the enrolment form.

P.S: This course is conducted by native speakers and is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Please state In the comment box of the enrolment form, which language you would like to learn.

Gruppe auf der Oberen Brücke in Bamberg
Gruppenarbneit mkit Erfolg Bei Übergabe des Deutschzertifikats
Photos of the German intensive courses in Bamberg

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